Slightly Imperfect Socks and Close Out Socks

  • Regular Fit Socks

    Stock up on essential socks with our Regular Fit Sock Collection, available in no-show, ankle, and crew lengths. Perfect for any wardrobe, these versatile socks offer comfort and style in every step. Whether you're refreshing your sock drawer or just can't get enough, our selection is sure to satisfy your needs. Dive in and grab your favorites—more is definitely better when it comes to quality socks!

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  • Roomier Fit Socks

    Looking for more comfortable socks? Discover our Roomier Fit Socks, designed to provide extra space and comfort all day long. No more rushing to take off tight socks after a long day! Available in no-show, ankle, and crew lengths, our socks ensure your feet stay comfortable from morning till night. Get your hands on these must-have socks in various styles and make your feet happy. Shop now and experience the difference in comfort and fit!

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  • Wider Width Socks

    If you're dealing with wide feet, swelling, or medical conditions that cause your feet, ankles, and legs to swell, finding the right socks is crucial. Our SockOutlet Wider Width Socks are specifically designed to accommodate wider feet comfortably. Available in both ankle and crew lengths, these socks help promote healthy circulation and provide the relief your feet need. Treat your feet to the comfort they deserve with our wider width socks—your feet will thank you!

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  • Bariatric Socks

    Struggling with extreme Lymphedema? Our SockOutlet Bariatric Socks are designed just for you. Exceptionally wide and featuring Microban, an antimicrobial treatment that prevents odor-causing bacteria, these socks ensure both comfort and hygiene. Experience the perfect fit with our Bariatric socks – because everyone deserves socks that truly fit!

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  • Socks at Low Prices

    Explore a vast selection of top-brand socks at unbeatable prices on Whether you're looking for everyday comfort or specialized styles, we have the perfect pair to meet all your sock needs.

  • Socks with Great Value

    Discover exceptional value at our store with high-quality, name-brand socks offered at competitive prices. We're committed to providing top-tier socks that combine durability and comfort without breaking the bank. Shop with us for outstanding deals on premium socks!

  • Many Styles of Socks

    Stay updated with our latest additions! We continuously update our collection with new socks, offering great value at low prices. Be sure to revisit frequently to explore our newest deals and enhance your sock wardrobe with our top-quality selections.