Slightly Imperfect Socks and Close Out Socks

  • Regular Fit Socks

    There's no such thing as having too many socks! Our regular fit socks come in no-show, ankle, and crew length. Have at em’, you know you want more!

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  • Roomier Fit Socks

    Don’t you just wish for a roomier sock?  A sock that you don’t have to yank off your feet the minute you get home!  Well, we’ve got them.  Our roomier fit socks come in no show, ankle, and crew length. Grab them today and make your feet happy!

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  • Wider Width Socks

    Let’s face it, some people are just born with wide feet. Some have swelling, or a medical condition where feet, ankles and legs are swollen.  If you have wide feet, you’ll need a wide sock.  Our SockOutlet wider width socks
    come in ankle length and crew length. Why not promote some healthy circulation.  Your feet will thank you!

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  • Bariatric Socks

    Do you have extreme Lymphedema? Then the SockOutlet Bariatric socks are for you.  Not only are they incredibly wide, but they
    also contain Microban which is an antimicrobial wash that helps prevent odor causing bacteria. Finally – A sock that fits!

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  • Socks at Low Prices

    At we've got an assortment of name-brand socks at low prices to meet all your needs.

  • Socks with Great Value

    We bring great value to our customers. The socks we sell are name-brand and high quality at low prices.

  • Many Styles of Socks

    We're always adding new socks to the site bringing you low prices and great value. Please check back often.